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The SmartGATE system is designed to maintain optimal voltage levels across all 3 phases, for a facility's equipment as grid conditions change. The system can decrease power consumption and costs by up to 8%, offering protection during grid transitions for smart buildings and electrification trends. The system addresses phase imbalance by regulating voltage on a single-phase basis, enhancing phase balance. It manages voltage sags and swells through a high-speed control loop, promptly reacting to power quality changes.

For power surges on the load side, SmartGATE, when installed at the service entrance, mitigates the impact by preventing it from spreading to other circuits. In industrial applications, SmartGATE can be cost-effective for energy savings and power quality improvement in settings where such systems were traditionally reserved for high-cost impacts.

From an ROI perspective, SmartGATE offers value by enhancing power quality, reducing energy usage, and providing operational insights. It transforms incoming power into the required form, adding peace of mind for users. The SmartGATE's evolution includes tie-ins with renewable resources, backup power, and electric vehicle infrastructure, increasing its capabilities.



In a world of uncertainty, the SmartGATE platform helps those involved in the building sector prepare for change, making them more "future-ready" despite challenges such as climate resilience, utility rates, electrification, policy shifts, emissions compliance, and evolving customer attitudes.


Each SmartGATE is custom built to your sites requirements, as such we have a two stage process to ensure the end result is the optimal solution to your needs.

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