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Fern Plant


Committed to Quality


Through experience and research, we analyze your building power condition, verify your building performance, and solve your power challenges, resulting in optimized tenant satisfaction and maximized business performance.


By optimizing your power, we optimize the safety and satisfaction of your tenants. Additionally we help lower operating costs like electric bills and maintain / repair / replace costs.

Many customers leverage their investment in the our solutions to qualify for AGI (Above Guideline Increases) for regions with regulated rental rates.

Your business starts with safe and satisfied occupants which drive your revenue. Your occupants depend on your building’s systems to keep them safe and satisfied. Your systems depend on electricity which is volatile by nature. If your incoming power causes your systems to malfunction or fail, your ability to keep your occupants safe and satisfied is restricted.

Triple Net Leases need a balance of high occupancy, satisfied lease renewals, market demand, and low Op costs to maximize revenue. We analyze where and how poor electricity is harming your business performance, then continuously optimize your power and business results.



We analyze your educational building’s power performance, turn the data into continuously improving solutions, optimizing student and staff safety and satisfaction.

We offer a new ECM for market differentiation and maximized savings – resulting in better win rates, savings predictions, and increased company value.


Haven can increase your overall energy savings giving you a better chance of winning deals. With strong financials and tremendous predictability, the SmartGATE can increase your wins, margins, and overall performance, all while protecting the uptime and lifetime of the other ECM’s in your solution.



We analyze your equipment power performance, turn that electricity into data and optimize process uptime, increase worker satisfaction and maximize revenue.

With a proven track record across The US and Canada, the our technology is trusted by Federal, State and Provisional governments to protect sensitive equipment powering municipalities, regions and even at the most secure levels of federal and military jurisdiction. High level power quality is non negotiable for sensitive data and governments across the continent have put their faith in our solutions packages to ensure optimal power at dozens of sites across North America.  


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