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Insights Metering Program


Power Impact Assessment

  • An in-depth study of your building’s incoming electrical conditions including looking

       at the efficiency, reliability, and health of your electrical supply.

  • The results of power’s impact on your building compared to industry standards.

  • Solutions to fix these issues to save you time, customers, lost profits, and lost


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SmartGate Insights Meter – 38 Power Quality Parameters, 1-minute increments, web portal

for dashboard and portfolio-wide visualizations.

[The Insights meter samples 512 points per cycle (60 cycles per second - 60Hz) and captures the minimum, maximum and

average voltage levels on each phase discretely for each second and rolls them up to 1 minute intervals.]


Once sufficient date has been recorded it is analysed and presented in the form of a Power

Impact Report detailing the current state of power to a site, and the future state achievable

with the addition of a SmartGate unit.

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