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With batteries, designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada we offer energy technology made locally to the highest specifications available – 100% Canadian owned and operated. We are able to deliver optimum energy storage solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. 



  • Scalable System: Add or remove battery packs to your needs. Low entry costs expandable as your needs and budget grow

  • Hot Swappable: battery packs can be added to server with no down time, and packs removed for maintenance or end of life replacement with no down time

  • Smart Battery Packs: Allow for remote communication for battery health monitoring and advanced BMS features down to the individual cells

  • No spot welding: means end of life or faulty cells within batteries can be replaced individually, dramatically reducing waste for refurbishment or recycling. 

  • Cell technology agnostic: different cell technologies can be combined within the system seamlessly, meaning advanced technologies developed in the future can be combined with systems installed today

  • Standard size units: 0.25MW – 10ft container; 0.5MW – 20ft container; 1MW – 40ft container

  • Units can be added and are stackable upto 3 containers high – minimal footprint required

  • Fast charging capability: 1MW charge rate of 1hour

  • 10 year warranty

  • UL certified



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